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Ratepayer Notice #3, 16 November 2007

It is now 13 years since the design of the Scheme commenced and the Board is aware that some Ratepayers would like alterations to the Scheme to suit changed circumstances.

In most cases, this would merely amount to a request for additional take off points, and where necessary a change in restrictors. The Board would expect that a hydrology study would show that no other property would be affected by many of these requests.

In other cases, due to a longer pressured line being inserted in the Scheme, or the substitution for a takeoff point at a higher elevation, additional pumping would be required and the implications for the Scheme are far more complex.

The Board is of the general view that the Scheme now after 11 years is running close to its design capacity, and little or no surplus capacity exists to support requests where additional pumping pressure will be requested.

To date, no requests for any design changes (other than changes in restrictors to fine tune flow rates) have been approved by the Board, and at the meeting on the 11th October 2007, the Board reviewed its first written request.

For the Board to consider requests from Ratepayers for alterations to the Scheme it would have to request as a minimum, the following:

  • a map showing distance from Board works to any planned pipeline extensions
  • pipe specifications
  • approximate elevation for new take off points

The Board would then have to prepare a request in the appropriate format, including particulars of original design, to an expert in the irrigation area, to request the likely impact on the Scheme as a whole, particularly as it affects other Ratepayers.

This will involve considerable time and energy, particularly on the part of the Chairman.

The Board envisages a charge of $500 to accompany each application, together with any additional costs such as Hydrology Engineers, and of course any construction and material costs. It would be further envisaged that all requests would only be handled once a year to minimize time and costs for the Board and the applicants.

The Board is also concerned that some Ratepayers, possibly inadvertently, have altered the Scheme already, and if so we request full details of changes made.

Ratepayers are reminded that any part of the Scheme that is pressurized by the pumps for the Scheme must be Board Works by definition. The fact that the ratepayer may be on the end of the line, which allows only one restrictor at the boundary, does not affect the fact that the remainder of the line on the Ratepayers property, pressured by the Board, is still Board Works, and cannot be interfered with, without Board approval.

Ratepayers are also reminded that the maximum distance in the original design for take off points for stock water from the supply line is 20 meters. The exception was for a domestic dwelling, where during the original construction, a ratepayer would run a small line, pressured by the Scheme, to a tank immediately adjacent to a dwelling. The cost of distributing water from a designated supply point was always the responsibility of the individual property owner.

It would assist us greatly if Ratepayers would complete the attached questionnaire, and sign it, and return it to the Board.

Depending on the responses received, the Board may need to call a special meeting of Ratepayers to more accurately gauge the feeling and direction that Ratepayers would like the Board to proceed with this matter.

2007 Ratepayers Questionnaire   (40KB Adobe PDF)

Peter Fox
16 November 2007

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