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Kaywanna Bore Water Board Chairman’s Annual Report

The scheme has continued to operate well. The main control board was replaced in December 2016 and logs all power interruptions. Occasionally, if the interruption is more than momentary, the alarm has to be cleared manually. A number of manual resets were necessary at the booster stations.

On 6th June 2017, algae blocked the outlet at Boogara booster and was cleared by John Thorn and George Clark. The battery of the dialer was replaced as the previous battery was positioned too closely to the western wall.

On 4th August, algae again caused a problem at Boogara and was cleared by John and George.

Bill Davison and I replaced a rusted gate valve and removed a pressure reducing valve (PRV) at the junction of the Kioma and Molinda roads on 25th August 2017.

A ratepayers meeting was held at Tarawera on 31st August with good attendance. The main topics were how much should be in the reserve account and options for privatization. The reserve account was considered satisfactory and I had a later discussion with Mr. Crowley (Fox and Thomas) regarding privatization. Mr. Crowley said a change from the statutory status would be expensive and difficult for reasons that were clearly set out with the Department in 2011. The recommendation was that, although the statutory requirements are expensive and constraining, privatization is not really an option for a scheme such as this. The survey of the entire bore line would be very expensive.

On 5th September, John Allen, John Thorn, George Clark and I repaired a leaking gate valve in the 90 mm line in the north-east corner of ‘Waverley’.

In November, the Boogara outlet was again cleaned. Repairs were done to the receiving tank roof and the float level mercury switches re-attached. John Thorn, Bill Davison and Gordon cleaned the receiving tank.

In January 2018, Jim Spink replaced the phase asymmetry protector for the submersible pump. On February 26th, Essential Energy replaced the transformer at Boogara.

On 30th April 2018, the supply tank at Kalala booster had the outlet cleaned by Rob Sprott and me. It was also found that one of the original CR2 pumps was leaking. It was swapped for one that has been repaired. The old pump will have to be replaced with a CR3 (the CR2 are no longer available) and kept as the spare.

In early May, the float valve in the Kalala supply tank was sticking and causing the tank to run out of water. I replaced the float valve.

On 18th May, John Thorn, John Allen and I excavated a leak near K16 on ‘Kioma’. It was found to be a private work tank inter-connector and we did not have the necessary fittings. Repairs were done by Kioma staff. We also repaired a leak in a bunged air valve on ‘Eaglebar’ and bailed out a concrete pit just south of Tarawera gun club.

On 19th May, the dialer at the main bore was removed for repair. It has been damaged by a surge through the phone line and will have to be replaced.

On an annualized basis, the bore has delivered approximately 2.96 litres per second compared to 2.56 l/sec last year (up about 15%). The solar generator has produced approximately 17,850 kilowatts of which about 4,230 kilowatts has been exported into the grid (about 23.7%). The main bore consumes about 128 kilowatts per day of which 40 kilowatts is provided by the solar array.

The submersible pump was not replaced last year but it will be this winter. I have maintained the bore and solar yards over the year and read the meters.

The financial position remains sound.

I extend my thanks to board members for their continued contribution to the management and operations of the scheme.

Geoff Woods

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